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Welcome to Digitouch Foto 触动摄影

School portraits are a tradition of their own. There are several reasons to take advantage of this program when offered in your school:

  • Convenience - Taking studio-quality portraits in school saves you the time and hassle of finding and working with an outside studio.
  • Gift-giving - Spring portraits are timely keepsakes for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Chistmas and other gift-giving occasions.
  • No risks - ONLY WHEN STUDENTS OR PARENTS HAVE SEEN THE PROOF PHOTOS and decided to purchase – then and only then – is there a need to pay for the order. Products are normally returned to parents in one weeks .
  • Yearbook CDs - Digitouch supports all annual digital photo files for schools FREE!


  • Preschool
  • Primary and Elementary
  • High School
  • Grad

For all your school photographic needs, DIGITOUCH SCHOOL FOTO is here to help make your life simpler, your work easier, and your results much better!

Good school photography requires patience, determination, and skill in evoking that special smile, that telling glimpse, that relaxed satisfaction that lies within all students. Our goal at Digitouch is to capture that special moment with clarity and taste, and to provide photographic products that enable parents, family and friends to share that special feeling into the future.


Our wide range of products include school photo packages, collage prints, class composite photos, group photos, sibling photos, calendars and other items such as seasonal cards, greeting cards, key chains, ID cards, etc. We also support school sports teams and activities, drama clubs, PTA bazaars, and so forth.


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